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Art of Packaging

With the advent of new packaging materials and the increasing role of packaging the perceptions on packaging have undergone a sea change. The perceptions will continue to change in the future. Today, packaging is required to perform many functions- right from protection of products to enabling effective marketing and offering consumer convenience. Packaging , today , should be reusable , disposable and recyclable. The proliferation of global brands and the mushrooming of malls has made the importance of packaging even more vital. The future will bring more challenges. Historically, corrugated boxes have been perceived as transport containers required to perform the task of packing and transporting products. Besides, corrugated packaging is today required to perform such multiple functions as providing adequate protection , ability to conform to automatic packaging lines , bar coding , etc. and enabling complex and attractive printing and meet the international standards. Corrugated boxes will be increasingly used as primary packs with colourful graphics and handling devices to attract the customer. They are making their presence as POP'S and Dispensers. More innovative uses will be required , as future perceptions will demand. In a globalised marketplace the perspectives of manufacturing and marketing are fast changing. Imported machinery and equipment is becoming a norm than a novelty. Web enabled transactions are happening . We in Vividh Packaging Industries look and transform our business with such "Future Perceptions and Global Perspectives".

Quality What Actually Matters

We use our knowledge and experience in the packaging industry to provide every customer with the best possible corrugated and thermoformed products. The products offered are of high quality which are water resistant and dust proof. We have a highly advanced team of professionals who follow ethical business practice and transparent dealings which enables us to gain a huge client base. Our dedicated team of research and development upgrade our production and technology on time to time basis according to the customer's demands and changing market conditions and also maintaining the internal quality standards. The company's management philosophy has always been to work in close co-operation with its valued clients and give them the best service possible. With a strong focus on industry trends and customer needs we continue to grow and expand every year.